Sunday, 17 December 2017

17th December - Hut 437

Hut 437 is the furthest West of all the huts in the Beach Hut Advent Calendar and has been the location for some beautiful contemporary dance as part of the calendar over the past few years.  

The scene was set by an amazingly realistic painted backdrop of a train stop in a style reminiscent of the artist Edward Hopper.  It made the hut look as though it was a window into another world.

This imaginary world was inhabited by three modern day wise people (not just men!) who were dressed for travelling in a 1950's style.

They carried small suitcases with them and one of the Magi removed a bright shining ball from one of these and it became the focus of a weaving, haunting dance about travelling and the journey that was undertaken by these sages to find the baby Jesus.

All of us are on a journey of one kind or another.  We each travel from birth to death; we make journeys of understanding during our lives and many of us are on a spiritual journey.  The Beach Hut Advent Calendar is a journey itself as visitors travel to see each hut each night.

The dancers tonight reminded us of the Magi who travelled from the East as well as inviting us to think about our own journey.

The next hut is number 362 in the middle of the Hove seafront.