Friday, 22 December 2017

22nd December - Hut 296

There is benefit to simplicity and hut 296 showed us that tonight.  This Aspect of the Nativity was just the basic essentials of that scene - a baby wrapped in cloth and lying on a bale of straw. 

The baby was lit by a little spotlight and in the photographs of the hut the place where the baby lie was a pool of light with no baby in sight. 

Perhaps this is appropriate because of course Jesus isn't born until Christmas Day (although he has been present in other huts during the Beach Hut Advent Calendar).

Something that the people of two thousand years ago wouldn't have been able to understand was the wonder of electric candles which could be placed amongst the straw of the hut without setting everything on fire!

A simple star hung above everything highlighting the merest hint of a heavenly host of angels through a series of tiny angel wings suspended in space.

Tomorrow our penultimate hut is number 367.