Thursday, 13 December 2018

13th December - Hut 94

Advent is a season of waiting and expectation which is why Advent Calendars were invented in the first place - as a way of marking that waiting and enhancing the countdown to Christmas Day.

Hut 94 posed an Advent question for us - what are we waiting for?  This was marked out as a giant question mark made up of tea lights that sat in front of the hut which only had the doors open a crack, giving a hint of what was beyond.

People who came along were invited to take a sparkly star and write a prayer or question of their own on it before placing it underneath one of the tea lights so that they glittered in the candle light.  

These prayers will be taken back to Chichester Cathedral and added to a prayer installation there.

 The next hut is 332 and back in the section between the King Alfred centre and Hove Lagoon and will feature the Dawn Chorus.