Sunday, 14 December 2008

Beach Hut 13

Miraculously the storms and floods of earlier in the day abated about an hour before we were due to open Beach Hut 13 and 5.30 came around serene, dry and relatively warm compared to many nights we've been out at the beach so far.

The strong winds, rain and super high tide had left their mark on the seafront though, with pebbles strewn across the promenade even though the low tide waves were a long way away as we gathered around hut 425.

The theme was I Saw Three Ships although we would have been hard put to see any ships tonight with the weather being so wild. The ships theme along with the weather gave us a chance to meditate on the dangers that fishermen go through in the course of the daily work.

Continuing the travel theme we had visitors tonight from Cambridge to Australia and it was great to share a little with them about the storms and journeys we all undertake as we travel through life and the way God's angels accompany us on that journey.

Next hut is right in the middle of the seafront at number 203.