Tuesday, 6 December 2016

6th December - Hut 73

The largest angel we've had so far inhabited hut 73 tonight, pretty much filling it and smiling out benevolently at the throng gathered for the event.

The angel hovered above a carpet of candles and seemed to be floating on light.

This angel has appeared at a beach hut before and is the creation of local artist Ros Lomax and has a beautiful serene expression on her face.

This raises a bit of a question about gender in relation to angels - are they male or female?  When mentioned in the Bible angels are universally described as male but it's also clear that they are genderless in heaven and are often portrayed as female in art.   

Hut 73 is in the parish of All Saints and the church is only a quarter of a mile directly north of our location tonight.

The whole display was put together by All Saints congregation member Sarah Sutherland-Rowe drawing on the creative talents of the young people of the church who made all the small silver angels in the hut.  

BBC TV news turned up to broadcast live from the hut and interviewed Sarah about the process of putting this together and her thoughts about advent.

The next hut is quite close to the King Alfred leisure centre and is number 177.