Monday, 9 December 2013

9th December - Hut 177

The Inn tonight was beautifully set up but was too full for anyone to be able to get in.
Fortunately there was plenty of room outside for us all to sit around on the straw bales with the added advantage of a real fire to help keep us warm.

The signs on the door said 'No Room At The Inn' and if you went up to the doors and listened you could hear a great crowd of people laughing and joking inside.

It gave us a little glimpse into what it must have been like for Mary and Joseph that first Christmas as they travelled around Bethlehem trying to find somewhere to stay.

We were treated tonight to home made mince pies courtesy of Gemma, one of the mums who has been coming along each night with her children who wanted to show her appreciation of all that we do with the calendar by using her talents to produce these tasty gifts.

The next hut is number 374 and is memory of Janette one of the first ever artists to get involved with the Beach Hut Calendar who died this year.