Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Beach Hut 23

Tonights hut was put together by two art students, Flo and Alice Ray and was a very high concept installation.

The theme carol was
Christians Awake! Salute the Happy Morn which is all about the gift of Jesus at Christmas and the gift theme was represented by a collection of silver wrapped presents arranged in a cross shape in the centre of hut 268.

Coloured lights were added to this in a seemingly random way but somehow managed to arrange themselves into the features of Jesus on the cross in a quite striking way. The whole effect managed to capture both Christmas and Easter in one piece of art.

Overall the weather this year has been much worse than last year which has made the whole event a bit more of an endurance test than we had imagined. Despite that there have been a number of people who have managed to collect a full set of stamps and a genuine little community has formed with all these regulars, so much so that when one person missed a few nights we all became quite concerned about him (he's now returned safe and sound).

On the other hand we have also had new visitors every day, largely because of all the great publicity we've received in both national and local papers. And of course there have been the fantastic huts every night showing off the brilliant creativity and spiritual insight of the people of Brighton & Hove.

The final hut is number 234 and is an installation concept and music courtesy of artist and musician Jimmy Cauty.