Thursday, 13 December 2012

Beach Hut 13

We took a step back in time at hut 227 tonight which had a distinctly medieval feel.  Janina Karpinska had chosen Lullay, Lullow and Gaudete as the carols to celebrate on the seafront tonight.  

The hut was lit with a beautiful pink and green light and featured a baby to whom these lullaby songs were addressed.

A small group came together in front of the hut to sing these accompanied by Janina on the ukelele.  Added to that we had some impromptu poetry as well as a song contributed by a passer-by.

There was also a hint of Scandinavia in the air, not only because of the cold which accompanies us every night on our journey towards Christmas, but in the added celebration of St. Lucy or Santa Lucia as she is known across the Nordic countries.

The hut also featured icons created by Janina showing Mary lulling her baby to sleep.

Hut 402 is next and will feature more poetry beside Hove Lagoon.