Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Beach Hut 19a (brick)

In the middle of the run of regular beach huts there is a short stretch of very different huts, very unlike the wooden shed style constructions that make up the majority of the Hove seafront.  These are the brick huts with metal doors that stretch either side of The View bar.  They are much more substantial than the normal huts, although they are about the same size inside, but they boast a level of amenities unheard of in a wooden hut.  The main advantage is that they have electricity and running water with a sink, pure luxury.

For the first six years this level of sophistication was unknown to the Beach Hut Advent Calendar but last year we had our first experience of a brick hut and this year we have two, hut 19a tonight and hut 1a on Sunday night.

Tonight the hut was taken over by Jane and her co-workers at MacMillan Cancer Support and the green of their banner perfectly matched the green decor of the hut.  The carol was Ding Dong Merrily on High and so there were bells hanging from the ceiling and a golden bell as the centrepiece on the table outside.

Attendees were invited to tie a ribbon on the tree of light perhaps in memory of someone who had died of cancer, perhaps as a reminder of those who might be struggling with this now.

A number of the recipients of help from the charity came to see the hut and were able to sit outside, wrapped warmly in blankets, to enjoy the mulled wine and mince pies and sing along with the carol.

Jane described the hut decoration as 'Christmas Kitsch' with the garish colours, bright decorations and even the odd icon and religious painting thrown in for good measure.

The weather stayed mild and dry and the wind was quite gentle tonight which helped the atmosphere of calm and peace.

So if you want to see another brick hut come along to nunber 1a on Sunday night.  The next hut on our calendar will be number 362, up towards Hove Lagoon.