Friday, 3 December 2010

Beach Hut 3

Tonight you really needed to be at the hut to get the full effect because Ian & Christine had chosen Frankincense as their theme. Their hut looked sumptuous as it was dressed in gold drapery reminding us of another of the gifts brought by the wise men, but the overwhelming sense was the smell as various forms of incense wafted their smoke along the seafront.

Central to the display was a Thurible lent by St. Margaret's church in Rottingdean but there were also incense sticks burning to add to the effect.

The weather was crisp and cold with hardly any wind which helped the smells to stay around and kept people close to the hut.

Already we're beginning to establish a sense of community amongst those who have come every night and there was a great atmosphere on the seafront tonight.

We discovered that today is Follow Friday and consequently we seem to have picked up a lot of Twitter followers as we post a picture every night live from the hut. If you want to join in you can find us on #BeachHutAdvent.

The next hut is also close to the lagoon as it's number 399.