Monday, 23 December 2013

23rd December - Hut 410

Tonight there were Wise men in hut 410 and a number of not so wise men and women outside braving fifty to sixty mile and hour winds and rain in order to see the latest in our Beach Hut Advent Calendar openings.

Karen Morton created a beautiful, windproof hut with three camels looking down on the crowns of the kings made from different floral arrangements.

Despite the warnings from local radio and TV weather presenters a few hardy folks still came down to see the hut and we all sat in the lee of one of the seafront shelters to drink our mulled wine, eat our mince pies and talk about how bracing the weather was.

Being out in the elements on a night like this reminds us of the hardship endured by the wise men as they travelled hundreds of miles to find the newborn king without the comfort of air conditioning or the security of satnav.

Our final hut on Christmas Eve will be number 227 beside The View restaurant.  We will be welcoming back the light of the world as we celebrate the beginning of the Yuletide season.