Thursday, 19 December 2013

19th December - Hut 341

Carrie Rawle is the owner of hut 341 and she has a trademark style to the huts she has done over the last four years.

She is expert at creating beautiful 'tissue paper stained glass' - scenes which are composed of lots of layers of coloured tissue held together in a sheet by loads of PVA glue and then backlit for us all to see.  The eventual effect is colourful and feels very religious as the light shines through the coloured layers.

The theme for the night was S for Star which was depicted sitting above the Stable where Jesus was born.

In the Christmas story the star is very important as it guides so many people to the place of Jesus' birth.  We had a number of pilgrims come to the hut tonight, including a  family who were visiting from Toronto and a lady from Cardiff who had made the journey especially after four years meticulous planning.

The wind was quite strong tonight which made it difficult to keep the Star scene in place but it still acted as a beacon for those who were seeking it out.

Our travelling star, which helps to guide people to the correct hut sat high above the hut tonight.

The next hut is being prepared by a team of people from the church of the Good Shepherd on Dyke Road.  The name of the group is Time for God which fits nicely with the letter for the day which is T.