Monday, 3 December 2018

3rd December - Hut 194

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The hut this evening kicked off a series of huts which will be created by schools or school related groups.

Tonight hut 194 was put together by Windlesham prep school on Dyke road in Brighton.

Stars of various sizes and types were spattered around a black background, interspersed with twinkly lights.

These stars not only decorated the walls but hung from the roof of the hut, creating a  sense of a world full of stars.

Candles and a lantern graced the floor of the hut adding a sense of warmth and welcome.

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We were blessed with calm, clear weather for the first time this year which really helped the audibility of the school choir who sang a number of Christmas themed songs.  They will be on song again next week at St. Luke's Prestonville during their end of term service on the afternoon of Thursday 13th December.

The next hut will be created by The King's School and will start at number 403 but may take us on a journey to somewhere else.  Join us to find out!