Saturday, 9 December 2017

9th December - Hut 329

Hut 329 has been part of the Beach Hut Advent Calendar for the last few years and the whole family has been stoic as they have endured rain and storms and wind every time.  So it was delightful to have a lovely clear, calm night tonight which was only marred by the fact that the streetlight positioned directly in front of the hut kept randomly switching off and on again every 2-3 minutes.

This hut came complete with it's own live angel who graciously posed for photographs most of the evening.

There was also a troupe of Elvs running around giving out flyers for their Christmas show.

The hut also featured lots of small wooden angels which had been decorated by the members of the 15th Brighton Brownies.  Each angel had an individual pattern or design on one side and a wish written on the other.

These angels gently swayed and turned in the gentle breeze that occasionally wafted across the seafront.

They were complemented by star shaped Christmas decorations and string of lights looping across the sky.

The stars in the hut complemented the loss of an important star - the one that we raise up above each hut each night to help people to navigate to us.  Sadly we lost that star sometime over the last 24 hours, probably left on the seafront last night.  

If anyone knows what happened to it please email us.

The next hut is beside Hove Lawns at number 79a.