Thursday, 9 December 2010

Beach Hut 9

Tonight we went sailing between Hove Lagoon and the English Channel with a display that extended far beyond the doors of the hut and halfway across the promenade. I Saw Three Ships is an odd carol as no-one really knows what it means. There is no sea around Bethlehem so ships couldn't sail into the town. There is some evidence to suggest the song refers to the ships that carried the relics of the wise men to Cologne in the 12th century while others think that the three ships refer to Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

For our purposes we take them to stand for the wise men bringing gifts to the baby Jesus. The children at the White House had spent quite some time preparing for this hut by making the ships as well as numerous little bells hanging from rope tethering the hut to the nearby lamp post.

Inside the hut was not only the star guiding the ships into harbour but a whole crowd of pottery people also made by the residents of the house.

Next hut is number 198.

Beach Hut 8

Tonight Mandy and John turned hut 225 into an Inn, complete with pub background soundtrack, bar and even a pub quiz. Of course a hostelry like this needs a pub sign and it was easy to find our inn/beach hut thanks to the beautiful sign hanging above the door inviting people to 'pier inn' and connecting the tavern of 2,000 years ago with modern day Brighton.

This is the first time that mulled wine has been served from inside the hut as John set himself up as Innkeeper and took over bar duties for the night.

To really give the flavour of a traditional pub, Mandy had organised for local all female Morris Dancing troupe Cuckoo's Nest to come and provide some entertainment. The squeezebox and violin music along with the jingling of bells and crack of their sticks as they danced created a wonderful atmosphere. You could just imagine Mary and Joseph sat in their stable round the back of the inn in Bethlehem, listening to the jollity next door as they prepared for the birth of their son.

Next hut is number 403 and is being put together by the White House children's home.