Wednesday, 3 December 2014


The whole Beach Hut Advent Calendar event aims to bring joy to the good folk of Brighton and Hove but Helen was bringing Joy to the World tonight in hut 11.

The most Easterly of the huts this year somehow contained the whole world, beautifully photographed from space in all it's blue and green splendour.

The world was encircled with chains of happy paper people all holding hands in perfect harmony.

This carol talks abut the whole of creation being made whole by the birth of the Saviour.  Christmas is an earth shattering event because it changes the world, not because it turns into chaos at black Friday sales and rip off Santa experiences.

Joy is about much more than happiness and goes beyond the tinsel and glitter of commercial Christmas.

Each of the paper people surrounding the globe had a broad smile on their face and were so in love with those around them that their hearts were on show.

This is the kind of joy we seek to promote through this event but is not very often associated with church or religion which is odd, because that's what faith should be about. 

We were visited by Latest TV tonight who will put together a report for their news show tomorrow at 6pm.

Latest TV is the Brighton TV station which launched on Freeview earlier this year.  You can find them on channel 8 on Freeview or 159 on Virgin Media or you can watch online here.

The next hut is number 247a and will feature fire jugglers and circus performers!