Tuesday, 22 July 2008

We have been busy planning our Autumn schedule and so I'm posting details here while we get the BEYOND website adjusted.

The dates for the Autumn are:

28th September - CLEAN
An examination of baptism, washing, water and God
7pm-8pm Old Market Theatre

26th October - STILL
Amidst our rushed lives, time to be still and know God
7pm-8pm Old Market Theatre

30th November - LIGHT
As winter darkness comes upon us we look at how light inspires us, fills us with hope and points us to God.
7pm-8pm Old Market Theatre

Throughout December

A lifesize variation on the seasonal advent calendar with huts all along the beachfront opening their doors to reveal something new about the festive season.
If you know anyone with a beach hut who might be interested in joining in with this please put them in touch via info@beyondchurch.co.uk