Friday, 17 March 2017

Cole Moreton - 5th March 2017

Cole very honestly shared his story as one who loves Jesus but finds it hard to love the institution of the church, especially in recent years when it has not dealt very well with the issues of gender equality, sexuality and marriage and the political landscape, especially in the US.

He described how all of us keep unpleasant things behind a wall or a dam so that we can maintain our circles of community but sometimes one more thing added to the pile behind the dam is too much and it cracks and splits leaving us swimming up to our necks in stuff that is too hard to deal with.

We also listened to a track by Iain Archer - Everest - to help us to reflect on the need sometimes to just hold on through the night until dawn breaks and brings us relief.  You can listen to that on Youtube HERE.

Some other day, when my morning comes,
I’ll be the one that’s waited all night

Cole has kindly allowed us to post his talk here including the Q&A that followed.  You can listen to it HERE.

Our next event is at 7.30pm on Sunday 2nd April with Revd. Sally Hitchiner from Brunel University who will be talking about what it means to live in the space left in a church that has a wide variety of views about sexuality, gender and equality.