Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Holy Week Hut - 12th April

The next episode in our journey with Jesus is where things begin to go wrong - his betrayal by Judas.

It can seem odd that the symbol of Jesus' betrayal is a kiss, even given the custom in the Middle East of greeting with a kiss.  It seems such an intimate and friendly thing to do, which is how we can find a way to connect with this part of the story.

Sadly many relationships are destroyed when one of the partners betrays the other with a third party.
Jesus had just finished speaking when Judas (the one from the Twelve) showed up, and with him a gang from the high priests and religious leaders brandishing swords and clubs. The betrayer had worked out a sign with them: “The one I kiss, that’s the one—seize him.” He went straight to Jesus, greeted him, “How are you, Rabbi?” and kissed him.

Jesus said, “Friend, why this charade?”
Then they came on him—grabbed him and roughed him up.

In many cases this betrayal begins with an illicit kiss.  Judas' kiss was much more public than most adulterous betrayals but it was still an act that began the disintegration of all of the relationships between Jesus, Judas and the other disciples.  Unfortunately infidelity often breaks a wide ring of relationships, not just those directly involved.

The artwork featured a cross dressed in a shirt covered in kisses.  Mounted at the 'head' of the cross was an image of a sculpture of Judas kissing Jesus which can be found on the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona.

The artwork was interactive and attendees were invited to think about a time that they were betrayed or an instance when they betrayed someone and to write about this on a S.W.A.L.K. (Sealed With A Loving Kiss).  These were then posted in the Betrayal Box to be prayed over on Good Friday and absolved at the foot of the cross.

All the while a soundtrack was playing Desree's Kissing You along with a voiceover recounting the story of Judas and his kiss.