Saturday, 20 December 2014


Tonight was unique for the Beach Hut Advent Calendar as this was the first time in seven years that we've been able to use one of the brick built huts that are on the seafront close the the Hove Bowling Club.  There are only 30 or so of these and they are owned by the council and leased to people who want to use them for a period of five years.  Maxine has just begun her tenancy and was very keen to be involved in the calendar.

There are a number of differences between the brick built huts and the regular 'sheds on the beach' that form the vast majority of the beach huts in Hove.  The brick huts are slightly bigger, their doors open outwards and they have electricity and water.  That is a big luxury for those of us who have done the advent calendar for years with batteries and generators and candles.

Janina was the artist creating the hut tonight and her theme was The Calypso Carol.

Throughout the evening we listened to calypso versions of well known carols and Momma Cherri, who used to run the Soul Food Shack in Brighton and now appears on the Good Food channel, brought some of her own recipe fried chicken for people to taste at the hut.

The hut was decorated with toys and brightly coloured decorations and the toys were given away throughout the evening to any children who wanted to give them a home.

The next hut is right beside Hove Lawns and is number 79a and we are led to believe that there will be interactive games and a chance to win some prizes.