Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Beach Hut 7

Babies was the theme for tonight and there was an interesting juxtaposition of images as Karen created a nursery/manger/beach hut. Of course we're still in Advent when we wait for the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day so the manger/cot was empty in preparation for the birth of the Son of God.

It's thought provoking to put yourself in the position of Mary and Joseph as expectant parents who would normally at this stage be preparing for the arrival of their baby by setting up the nursery but instead were trying to make their home in a poor stable. These thoughts brought Karen to thinking about the plight of some babies born in the winter here in the UK and the needs of the Trevor Mann baby unit at the Royal Sussex hospital in Brighton.

She has started to collect mittens, socks and bonnets for the unit and we would like to encourage anyone who would like to do something for others this Christmas to consider a small gift to the unit. You can do that online here or drop any knitted gifts in directly to the unit.

The next hut is number 225 near the Babylon lounge and there may be dancing!