Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Beach Hut 12

Hut 44 challenged us to think along with our mulled wine and mince pies as it contained a conceptual art piece which wasn't immediately obvious.

The theme carol was Angels from the Realms of Glory and the artwork was a collaboration between a number of people who had all contributed items to the work.  

They were asked to consider the earth from the angels point of view as they look down on the whole world and all the things in it that we all create.  You can see all the individual objects and why they were chosen here.

These created objects were suspended in a shape which funnelled down to a tiny tiny nativity showing the one who was born at Christmas as God with us.  

On the way to earth the funnel passed through a crown representing the Messiah - the chosen king sent by God to save his people.

Alongside this thought provoking installation we had the Cuckoo's Nest Morris dancers who performed three dances despite the freezing cold.  Later on the squeezebox player helped us all sing the theme carol before we dispersed for the evening.

Next hut is back close to The View at number 227 and promises to have a distinctly medieval flavour.