Friday, 16 December 2016

16th December - Hut 332

There was a literary and musical theme to hut 332 tonight which is owned by Cathy Watts, local writer of the Sandies books for children which are set in and around the beach huts.  

Iris Watts is Cathy's mother and has written a book about angels entitled 'Angels on Call', and the book was on display and on sale with all proceeds going to charity. 

Cathy's books were also available and have become a regular part of the beach hut advent calendar as hut 332 has been part of this for a few years now.

The hut was very prettily decorated with stars and Christmas lights and a little row of angels keeping watch over the whole scene.

What made the evening extra special was the attendance of the Dawn Chorus under the direction of Julie Nye.  This singing group meets weekly at St. Luke's Prestonville and at West Street Loft in Shoreham and the two groups combined to form a choir of something 50 who sang beautifully in the clear, still night.

With the chorus and all their friends and family plus the usual visitors we get every night there was quite a crowd on the beach tonight.

The singing was so infectious that it made everyone want to join in so we finished our time together with a communal version of Silent Night which seemed very fitting on such a calm, peaceful evening.

The next hut is number 437 and will be featuring dancers and feathers!