Saturday, 2 December 2017

2nd December - Hut 73

Hut 73 tonight brought some joy to the world in the form of a beautiful nativity silhouette on a background of hearts.

The art was created by children at All Saints church in Hove at various groups that are run there every week.

 The whole scene was lit by artificial candles which were arranged around a heart made from beach pebbles lying on the floor of the hut.

The colourful, warm light complemented the stillness of the evening as there was hardly any wind and the sky was largely clear with an enormous moon appearing from behind the clouds every now and then.

The silhouette featured two figures looking like Mary and Joseph but baby Jesus was barely visible in the manger.  During the season of Advent it's hard not to want to rush on to the birth of Jesus but of course that didn't happen until Christmas Day.

Both figures looked as though they were praying, perhaps for somewhere to stay as they went from inn to inn asking for a bed for the night, or perhaps from the impending birth of the Son of God, announced to them in such strange circumstances,

This aspect of the nativity seemed to be about the love which held the holy family together, no matter the circumstances.

The next hut will be up by Hove Lagoon at number 402.