Monday, 10 December 2018

10th December - Hut 262

You may have heard that necessity is the mother of invention and that was the background to hut 262 tonight.  

Sadly the owner and artist was delayed coming back to the  UK from a trip abroad and so was mid-air this afternoon and unable to come and create an art installation or even to open the hut.

So emergency artistic juices got to work and we were able to create an installation projected onto the front of the hut thanks to a little time and the wonders of modern technology.

We had a small, self-powered projector running a star-shaped animation of the journey to Bethlehem and all those who followed the star to find the baby born in the manger.

This turned the whole front of the beach hut into a mini seafront cinema as we watched the animation and listened to a beautiful version of 'Silent Night'.

It was a mesmerising show and all those who came along tonight watched it a number of times in quiet contemplation. 

The animation was originally created by Jon Birch and distributed through Proost and was adapted for tonight, placing the animation within a star and adding and end tag saying "Follow the Star".

The full video is below.

Tomorrow we're at hut 253 with a professional artist and a full choir.