Thursday, 12 December 2013

12th December - Hut 332

Local writer of The Sandies, Cathy Watts is one of our regular contributors and the theme of her hut tonight was L for Light so there were plenty of twinkly lights in her hut to draw our attention.

But we were also treated to the delights of The Dawn Chorus singing group, who meet at St. Luke's Prestonville and in which Cathy also sings.  They sang a range of songs about wassailing, rejoicing in Latin (Gaudeamus Hodie) and that we would all have peace from God.

At one point they all huddled together a little way away from the hut to rehearse and warm their vocal chords up although it looked a little like they were having a prayer meeting on the beach.

The light outside the hut was as beautiful as that inside as there was a slight mist in the air which gave everything a kind of halo.

The group will be performing next at the official opening of the redesigned Seven Dials roundabout which is on Wednesday 18th December at 7pm.

They will also be taking part in the carol service at St. Luke's Prestonville on Sunday 22nd December at 6.30pm.

You can read more about the group and their charismatic leader, Julie Nye here.

Our next hut is number 424 up by Hove Lagoon with a cardboard messenger courtesy of Kirsty Tyler.