Monday, 12 December 2011

Beach Hut 12

The 1st Hove Girl's Brigade put on a great event tonight in hut 381 despite the very windy conditions and the threat of a major storm which fortunately didn't start until after we'd finished.

A good number still came out to support the girls who managed to cram themselves inside the hut which was already pretty full with a manger as this was the theme for tonight. The girls stood around emulating the last line of Once in Royal David's City but singing a whole range of carols for us to join in with.

The baby stayed in his manger all wrapped up in straw, although maybe a safeguarding officer would have something to say about putting a lamb in the cot alongside the baby, no matter how warm it kept him!

The whole image was finished off with a sombrero to remind us of the inspiration for this advent journey - Las Posadas.

Next hut is 399 up by the lagoon and promises to be exciting as Janina has written some music especially for the occasion and has a number of people coming to help her perform this for the first time in public on the 13th.