Friday, 2 December 2016

2nd December - Hut 191

It was another beautiful still night for the second hut of the advent calendar as we gathered at hut 191 to look at the art created by the pupils of Deepdene school.

The Christmas lights around the hut formed a perfect frame for the artworks inside which were displayed like a gallery and covered every surface of the interior, even the ceiling.

The children had done lots of work on angels in classical art and had created their own versions using a variety of different techniques.

The hut was headed by a beautiful angel rendered in pastels, standing guard over the artworks inside.

Just inside the door was a collection of 'putti', this is the title used in art to describe a winged cherub head.  The children created their own version of these 'putti', each presented in the centre of a star, reminding us of the star that guided the wise men to the stable where Jesus was born.

The hut also contained a number of articulated puppets in various poses and brightly coloured costumes.

These were all versions of St. Michael, a soldier angel who is usually pictured with a sword.

Towards the floor of the hut was a row of beautiful little angel temples, each decorated with brightly coloured 'jewels' and fit for any angel to live in.

The Deepdene choir excelled themselves as they sang throughout the evening with a range of traditional carols as well as some really beautiful modern Christmas songs.

Our next hut is number 367 close to Hove Lagoon.