Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Beach Hut 6

Local painter Catherine Cunningham took artistic control on the 6th night of our Advent Calendar and chose to focus on Joseph as her theme for the evening. As a painter she decided the centrepiece of her hut would be a portrait of Joseph created on the day of the hut opening and she produced a striking image which reminded some of the famous self-portrait of Van Gogh in it's composition and style.

On the floor of the hut was an acrostic using the letters from Joseph's name to spell out some of the thoughts he may have had as the provider and protector for the birth of the Son of God.

Further drama was added to the evening by the lighting which was a mix of candles, Christmas lights and flaming torches to guide Advent pilgrims to the spot on the beach which was only 4 huts away from our Sunday night location.

After almost a full week a small community is beginning to form around the nightly visits to the beach and amongst those is photographer Julia Claxton who has been capturing some wonderful images from each night. You can see her work here and get a different perspective on the progress of the calendar.

We're back up to Hove Lagoon for our next hut which is number 410.