Monday, 11 December 2017

11th December - Hut 332

The rain of this morning abated shortly after lunch and this evening was clear and cold but without any of the snow being experienced by most of the rest of the country.

Hut 332 contained a little stylised nativity with rather mournful looking sheep gathered around a manger of light.  

The manger itself was empty but it gave us a hint of the baby who is to come on Christmas Day, described as the light of the world by the gospel writer John.

There were a number of different kinds of light scattered around the hut, protected from the wind inside lanterns and arranged around a driftwood mirror hanging on the back wall of the hut.

The evening also served as a fundraiser for Cure which provides surgery for children in resource poor countries.

To help with the fundraising and to add to the ambience of the evening the Dawn Chorus choir came along to sing a selection of carols and Christmas songs.

The next hut marks the halfway point in our journey towards Christmas and is number 11 at Hove Lawns.