Tuesday, 13 December 2016

13th December - Hut 362

The Aldrington school art club contributed their talents to create hut 362 this evening, with expert adult guidance from Laura.

The head and shoulders of the angel were made of cardboard and it had a paper chain skirt.

Glowsticks had been made into chains to hang alongside the paper chains to give the skirt some light and colour.  The whole ensemble swayed gently in the breeze once we'd managed to secure all the paper which had got a little damp in a brief shower or rain just before 5.30pm.

The angel had a beautiful white furry halo which was also highlighted with a circle of glowsticks.

A group of children and teachers from the school came along to sing carols in between helping themselves to chocolate, mince pies and mulled wine.

The sides of the hut were flanked with chains of angels made by the children.  They looked as though they were all climbing a ladder of light up to heaven.

It was a very happy, playful evening with lots of children running around and a real sense that Christmas is not far away.

The next hut is close to The View and is number 225.