Sunday, 20 December 2015

Beach Hut 1a (brick)

O Come All Ye Faithful was the invitation to everyone who turned up at the brick built hut 1a tonight.

There has been some confusion about the brick built huts as they have a numbering system of their own which does not relate to the general sweep of the numbering of the wooden huts.  So hut 1a (brick) is nowhere near hut 1 or 2 but is actually somewhere around hut 195.  So given this confusion it was great that so many faithful followers of the Beach Hut Advent Calendar made it to the hut tonight.

One of the advantages of the brick built huts is that they have electricity and Janet, our artist for tonight, made full use of this by creating a video piece inspired by the work of Bill Viola.  The art involved a continuously looping video of a strange white robed figure walking away from us with arms outstretched, encouraging us to join in.

Leading up to the hut was a red carpet with the legend "O Come All Ye Faithful" embroidered on it.

There should be no confusion about how to find our next hut which is number 11, the furthest East of all the huts featured in this years calendar and right beside Hove Lawns.