Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Beach Hut 11

Joy sprang to life for the whole world on the seafront tonight next to Hove Lawns on day 11 of our advent calendar. 

A team of creatives from churches across the city combined under the banner of the Brighton & Hove City Mission and ENACT, a group based at Holland Road Baptist to create a tiny world in beach hut 19a.

The whole floor of the hut was turned into a winter landscape with crowds of tiny people who had come to worship the baby born in the stable at the back of the scene.

Above them was a sky of stars and the word JOY spelled out in lights on the front of the hut.

Flags were draped from the hut to a gazebo hung with lights and flags and suspended in the middle of this was a giant photographic globe, reminding us that God came down at Christmas for the whole world.

Tomorrow we stay beside Hove Lawns at hut number 44 which will include Cuckoo's Nest, the all female Morris dancing troupe.