Sunday, 3 December 2017

3rd December - Hut 402

Brighton District Mother's Union got to work to create a nativity scene with a difference in hut 402 tonight.  They used their knitting and sewing skills to great effect and produced 

The floor of the hut had a full nativity scene with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, two shepherds and a sheep and three wise men.

Up above them on shelf that was standing in for a hill was a great flock of sheep and above them on the shelf of heaven was heavenly host of angels.  

They were being overseen by a big haloed angel who was clearly in charge of them all.

Floating high above all of this was a second tier of flying angels, dancing amongst the stars as they shone like stars themselves.

Everything was in the Mother's Union trademark colours of blue and white and was under the watchful eye of the Virgin Mary as she stood guard on the door of the hut.

The next hut is back towards the East as we head to number 225 close to The View.