Thursday, 17 December 2015

Beach Hut 362

The carol at hut 362 was Joy to the World and the children who came from Aldrington school were determined to be joyful come rain or shine.  Unfortunately it was rain, and more rain, and wind, and more rain.... definitely the wettest night we've had so far this year, but this didn't dampen the spirits of those who came out.  Umbrellas were much in evidence as were wellington boots, waterproof jackets and hats.

The children were irrepressible and there was a real buzz of excited chatter as they gathered around the hut at 5.30 and began to sing.  We had a medley of a number of different carols and of course Joy to the World was in amongst all the others.  Parents were also on hand to help protect their offspring from the elements and Laura, who organised the whole thing, rewarded every child with a chocolate lolly.  We think this might be the first time that a hut in this unique advent calendar dispensed chocolate, just like so many of the domestic advent calendars.

The installation included a large papier mache world with JOY firmly planted on the North Pole.  Above this was a golden crown, reflecting the second line of the song which is 'let earth receive her king'.

The whole inside of the hut was blacked out so that it felt as though the earth was floating in space and dotted around were golden angels, floating and flying in the starlit sky.

They were accompanied by glittering musical notes, a visual symbol of the song of praise the angels sang to welcome the Christ child to earth.

We're hoping for better weather tomorrow at hut 437 as we have been promised some dancing from hut owner Korina.