Sunday, 9 December 2012

Beach hut 9

Tonight we were focussing on one of the core messages of advent - light.  

Advent is not only the season when we look forward to the birth of Christ at Christmas but also a time to celebrate the light as we plunge further into the darkness of winter.

St. Luke's church Prestonville created the installation this evening which was themed around the contemporary carol 'Like a Candle' which you can listen to here.

One of the church members, Mark Jago,  ran with the Olympic torch earlier this year and was kind enough to let us borrow this as the centrepiece for the hut as the Olympic flame reminds us of some of the qualities we attribute to Jesus as the light of the world.

Surrounding the torch we had a host of multicoloured lanterns made by the parent toddler Oasis group which meets in church on Thursday mornings.

The whole scene was illuminated with the lanterns, lasers and hanging decorations with little flickering candles in them, helping to reinforce the message of the carol that God is light. 

The next hut is right at the other end of the promenade near Hove Lawns as we move to number 73 to see what All Saints Hove has in store for us.