Sunday, 7 December 2014


Hut 253 was transformed into a mini-pub tonight called The Holly and The Ivy, an interesting mix of the old English carol and the tradition of the Innkeeper who had no room for the Holy family.

Above the hut was a pub sign, especially painted for this occasion, and there were all sorts of interesting and amusing little touches in the overall decor and design to interest the large crowd who came out on this beautiful, clear, moonlit night.

Just inside the door was the pub menu of Peace Pudding, Shepherd's Pie and Angel Delight, a menu Jesus' parents would have enjoyed more than he would as a newborn baby.

In the corner of the hut was a very realistic looking fireplace with tissue paper flames and red Christmas lights as the glowing embers.  The reason it looked for realistic is because it was a genuine cast iron fireplace, found by the hut owner on the street and appropriated by her for this installation.

On the back shelf of the pub was a row of wine bottles with labels saying 'Love', 'Joy' and 'Peace', bringing Christmas greetings to all the pub clients through a message of seasonal good cheer.

Outside the hut were tables and chairs for people to sit out and eat their mince pies or have a drink, although most preferred to stand and talk to their friends.

The next hut is number 196 which is just East of The View.