Saturday, 1 December 2018

1st December - Hut 17

So the final Beyond Beach Hut Advent began today, marking the last time that Beyond will run this event.  This doesn't mean that the Hove beach huts will never again be used to mark the days of Advent, it's just that Beyond is stepping down from this year onwards.  It's hoped that others will take up the baton of bringing light to the seafront at this special time of year and there have been some conversations about this but nothing concrete has emerged yet.  

If you would like to see this wonderful community art event continue and can give some time towards this please email and if there is enough interest we'll convene a meeting early in the new year.

Hut 17 was our inaugural hut this year and Sarah Sutherland-Rowe created a classic image that almost had a mediaeval flavour to it.

The image was created with the help of the children who attend Messy Church at All Saints Hove and a number of the children turned up to see their handiwork.  This was literally on display as the central angel image had wings with feathers made from the handprints of the children.

There was a contemporary edge to the whole scene though as Mary and Joseph were represented in modern dress, having scooted to the hut on Christmas light festooned scooters.

The Advent message is not just about something historical that happened in the past but is recognition that Jesus comes to us today and is just as relevant now as he was 2,000 years ago.

So we're off to a great start and tomorrow we're at hut 305, halfway between the King Alfred and Hove Lagoon.