Wednesday, 14 December 2016

14th December - Hut 225

We had an amazing performance at hut 225 tonight as well as a beautifully decorated hut.

Kidz Klub put everything together and they had all been working hard to create a host of angels to hang in the hut.

Kidz Klub runs youth groups across the city and provide valuable support and activities to some of the most vulnerable young people in the city.

Their angels hung in the skies above a small nativity with all the angels looking as though they were praising the baby who had been born in a stable.

They were made of card and had wings made from doilies.

The whole scene was lit up by an array of coloured projected lights and a disco style laser.

This was projected onto the face of the hut with patterns of stars and snowflakes adding to the blue angel scene inside the hut.

But the highlight of the evening was Kirsty Ruiz Vazquez who performs under the stage name Skyflow.  You can watch her work on Youtube here or on Instagram here

She is a 'hooper' and is the current European Hooper of the Year.  Hooping is a mix of dance, gymnastics and hula hooping and is especially effective with light up hoops at night.

Some of the shapes Kirsty created had a hint of angel about them and a large crowd gathered to watch her perform.

Kirsty is a capable gymnast and was able to bend herself into a variety of extraordinary contortions.

The hut formed a fantastic backdrop to her various dance routines and the performance area was defined by a carpet which also protected Kirsty's feet from the gravel and pebbles.

She performed throughout the evening despite the cold.

Our next hut is number 279 and the artwork will be created by the Grace Eyre Centre.