Saturday, 24 December 2016

24th December - Hut 395

It is said that medieval philosophers spent a lot of time discussing how many angels could dance on the head of a pin and that this is an example of how philosophy can embroil you in pointless conversation.

Whether you think this sort of debate took place or not, it certainly is true that the Bible tells us that a host of angels appeared on the night that Jesus was born to announce his birth and to rejoice in the message of good news which would bring great joy to all peoples.

Hut 395 aimed to give people a hint of a heavenly host with a clever arrangement of mirrors and a lighted angel.  

The reflection of the angel in the mirrors bounced back and forth giving us a repeated image which stretched off into the distance.  

If viewers could align themselves correctly then this line of angels could in theory have gone on for ever.

A huge crowd turned up including the mayor of Brighton and Hove, Peter West, the Bishop of Lewes, Richard Jackson and local resident Zoe Ball and we had a great time singing angel themed carols and hearing the Christmas story as recounted in the gospel of Luke.  

We then distributed glowsticks around the throng and in recognition that the angels brought the glory of the Lord to shine around them, we broke these sticks as a sign of the light of Christ coming into the world.

This was a fantastic end to a memorable ninth year of the Beach Hut Advent Calendar and we look forward to our our tenth anniversary next year.