Friday, 21 December 2018

21st December - Hut 11

21st December marks our 21st hut and is also the midwinter solstice, the date when the days stop getting shorter and and we begin the long journey back towards summer.

To celebrate this here in Brighton we have the Burning of the Clocks festival which takes place in the centre of the city, and conveniently begins shortly after our beach hut opening ends.

The artist tonight had inclusivity as the focus for her art.  Sarah Watson specialises in collage work and created a collage for hut 11 showing a procession of people all following the star.  

Anyone can follow a star and the collage shows that with a an enormously diverse range of people represented in the crowd which winds away into the distance.

The whole scene was overseen by a beautiful copper star.

This is the last time we will visit a hut in the Eastern section of the seafront as all the rest of our huts are West of the King Alfred and heading towards Hove Lagoon.
Tomorrow we're at hut 362.

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