Sunday, 23 December 2018

23rd December - Hut 367

Tonight we were invited to consider who the stars are in our lives as Hut 367 was the venue for a host of celebrities who many consider to be stars.

Are they worthy enough for you to follow?  What benefit do you get from following them?  Is there any purpose in following a celebrity/star?

All these questions were posed by the array of stars presented via Big Issue images on stars within the hut.

Artists Louise Mabbs and Susi Maxwell-Stewart collaborative artwork provoked many responses.

Advent is a time to focus on the outcomes that come from following Jesus.  Our theme this year is 'Follow the Star' - an opportunity to focus on light in the darkness.

The hut also contained a Christmas tree of stars and anyone coming along was invited to write about the stars in their now lives and add them to the tree.

The promised rain stayed away until after 6.30pm and there was a good crowd for our penultimate hut.

Our final hut of the 2018 Beach Hut Advent Calendar is also the last hut that Beyond will organise - it's up by the lagoon at number 395.

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