Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Pete Rollins Insurrection Lite

The Royal Sovereign, a new venue for us at Beyond was the setting for our Fringe Festival Event: Pete Rollins Insurrection Lite talk.

The event was scheduled for 7.30pm, however, we were completely unaware of how many people would turn up. The core group from Beyond attended, along with members from The Garden. Due to the fact that the talk was an official Fringe event and we were advertising with our ice block we met many new faces at the pub.

The talk ended up starting around 8.00pm with standing room only. Martin introduced Pete, who structured his talk into three different sections with various readings and poems in between. The main sections being: Chapter 1 - Deus Ex Machina, Chapter 2 - To Believe is Human, To Doubt Divine, Chapter 3 - I Believe in the Insurrection.

During the talk, the room was absolutely intent on listening and interacting with Pete's words. Although there was noise filtering into the room from the adjacent pub, it seemed to die away within the first few minutes. The crowd had a sense of unity, all engaging with Pete's talk as a whole.

After, Pete stayed around to answer questions and discuss his views. Many people stayed for hours, discussing and socialising. The group that I engaged with personally, did not cease to talk about ideas which arose from Pete's talk and how they fit into our lives, both practically and spiritually.

You can listen to the introduction and first section via the links below. The last two sections have been added.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Pete with Beyond's Ice Meditation

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