Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Photo courtesy of Julia Claxton

Our pilgrimage through Advent has finally come to an end at beach hut 395.  It's been an amazing journey this year with bigger crowds than ever, a wider variety of wonderful artworks and pretty good weather apart from a few slightly wet and windy evenings.

Photo courtesy of Julia Claxton

Tonight we joined the wise men in their journey following the star to Bethlehem as we sang As With Gladness Men of Old.  The carol speaks of the joy they found as they were guided by the star to the manger bearing the light of the world and that in that brightness they'd found the source of all divine light.

The hut beamed with light both inside and out as a giant glitter ball was spinning above the hut to guide people to the evenings festivities.  Inside a golden crown was suspended in the middle of a silver decked hut with lasers emanating from the crown and reflecting on the mirrored floor and walls.  All of this was enhanced by the smoke being produced inside the hut reminding us of the frankincense brought by the wise men as one of their gifts.

Photo courtesy of Julia Claxton

Suspended ethereally above the crown was a suggestion of the babe who is to be born on Christmas day.

There were many other things to remind us of light tonight.  At 5.30 Santa passed overhead in the form of the International Space Station, a bright light traversing the sky for all to see.

During the evening the Mayor of Brighton & Hove, councillor Brian Fitch, presented Revd. Martin Poole with an award from the Prime Minister entitled a Point of Light award.  This is given to individuals who have developed projects which are volunteer led and which promote community spirit. It is wonderful to have this work recognised in such a way and it was fitting that it should be awarded today as we welcome Jesus, the light of the world, into our lives.

That's the end of the Beach Hut Advent Calendar for 2014.  If you would like to be involved next year either as a hut owner, and artist or a volunteer please email  Beyond does more than just beach huts and we are currently running a series of monthly events on the first Sunday of every month.  The next one is 4th January and you can read about it here  

Photo courtesy of Julia Claxton

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