Wednesday, 4 December 2013

4th December - Beach Hut 194

The fourth letter in the alphabet is D and of course the best character in the  Christmas story that begins with D is the donkey.

Mary and Joseph may have only had one donkey to carry them to Bethlehem but we had two real live donkeys and one cardboard cutout as well as a perfect little Mary perched in the middle of the hut embracing her very own baby Jesus.  There were plans to have a Joseph as well but unfortunately he was sick this evening and couldn't accompany his intended.

The donkeys came courtesy of Mile Oak Farm and were called Mabel and Victoria.  

They seemed very happy meeting everyone in the crowd, especially when some carrots were brought out although Mary was a bit nervous about feeding such big animals or maybe she was a bit nervous about her baby.

Mary was surrounded by bales of straw and beautiful little light up bunnies who helped to make the stable a really magical place.

The next hut will be number 425 and will take us to Egypt where the holy family fled to escape the wrath of Herod.

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