Wednesday, 4 December 2013

3rd December Beach Hut 311

The hut tonight was full of C words as St. Christopher's School in Hove pulled out all the stops to create a fantastic display.

We had Camels, Christmas Cards, Christingles, and Children (done as little laminated self-portraits complete with school uniform).  

Hanging from the Ceiling was a Candelabra along with clouds containing words appropriate to the season - Care, Celebrate and Create.  

The Junior Choir came along and led the Crowd in a selection of Christmas Carols while we all Chewed away at mince pies and consumed cups of steaming hot drinks.  

There was even a Crib with the Christ-child even though Jesus wasn't born until Christmas day.

The next hut is number 194 featuring the letter D and we'll have a real live donkey coming to join in the celebrations.

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