Thursday, 18 December 2008

Beach Hut 18

Art took centre stage in the hut tonight thanks to local artist Janette Tozer, the owner of number 315 and our 18th opening this month. Jan created a painting as the centrepiece of her display themed around We Three Kings.

The painting features Mary and the baby Jesus with the three kings worshipping them as they bring their gifts. The bright, vibrant colours looked beautiful in the candlelight which was scattered around the hut giving light to the other paintings laid out there.

As well as a number of paintings done by Jan there were also some icons up on the shelf at the back of the hut which were painted by a nun based in Shoreham who has been doing these all her life.

The local paper turned up to take some photographs tonight so watch for more Advent Beach Hut Calendar news.

The next hut is number 268 and is being prepared by a local theatre company and promises to be an exciting evening, see you there.

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