Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Beach Hut 17

The hut this evening was so taken over by the theme that it was hardly visible as a hut anymore. Helen created an enormous singing angel which completely dominated the front of the hut and was visible a long way up and down the beach front due to the flashing lights on its halo which stood high above the roof.

As the music of Hark the Herald Angels sang out, the many children that came could feast on angel themed cakes while the adults ate mince pies and kept themselves warm with mulled wine.

News of the Advent Beach Hut Calendar is spreading thanks to the power of radio and we had people along tonight who had heard about us in Kent as well as the furthest reaches of Sussex.

A select few got to take home a little homemade angel of their own to keep as a souvenir of the night.

The next hut is almost next door to todays as it is number 315.

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