Sunday, 11 December 2016

11th December - Hut 79a

In contrast to yesterday, this evening was back to being beautiful weather, cold and clear, with no wind and a gorgeous sunset.

A team from Youth With A Mission (YWAM) put the hut together tonight and they created the largest angel yet.  It was such a giant that it looked as though it might burst the hut apart.

The wings were a particular feature as they formed curtains of white strips in a variety of materials which glimmered from the light filling the hut behind them.

The ribbons of cascading white weren't just for show or decoration as throughout the evening people were invited to write a message on them to someone who had been an angel to them.

And that wasn't the only form of feather that was put to good use this evening.  

On the table along with the chocolate, mince pies, mulled wine and hot juice was a bowl full of white feathers.  Each one had a label saying "Blessings of joy and good news this season #hope".  

These were given out along with the refreshment to provide refreshment to the souls of those who had come along this evening.

There was also a writing activity courtesy of two blackboards which were provided so that people could leave messages about good news or list the names of people who were good news to them.

So there was lots to do and lots to talk about as well as enjoying the beautiful angel.

We move further west for the next hut which is number 227, quite close to the View.

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