Friday, 18 December 2015

Beach Hut 437

Hut 437 tonight transported us to a magical woodland world, all contained within the tiny space of a beach hut.

There was no mistaking the theme of the Holly and the Ivy as the hut was festooned and framed with long branches of ivy and berry filled sprigs of holly.

In the middle of the back wall of the hut was a huge wreath of foliage interwoven with a set of red Christmas lights.  Within this, as though looking through a window into another world, was a scene of distant winter wood, with a deer seemingly looking back at us, wondering about the crowds gathering around the hut.

But the best part of this evening was that, gorgeous as it was, this turned out to be simply the backdrop to a series of performances.  The hut owner, Korina, is a dancer and she teamed up with her friend Millie and the musician Alan Mars to create a magical show for us.  Contemporary dance mixed with harp music, singing and poetry to create a mesmerising event which was both inspiring, moving and uplifting.

They performed this three times during the hour that the hut was open and as well as being entranced by the beauty of the whole experience, we learnt a great deal about the connection of holly and ivy with the Christmas story and the Christian symbolism embedded in this.

For this precious hour it felt as though we had been transported to a place connected to nature and to God and that this hut offered us a window into another world.

The next hut features artist Lucy Lauener and is close to Hove Lawns at hut 79a.

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